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Protecting traditional cultural expressions – some questions for lawmakers

Peter Jaszi, Professor of Law Emeritus at American University Law School considers “gaps” in current international intellectual property law that lawmakers may – or may not – need to address when shaping any new legal regime to protect traditional cultural expressions.

Intellectual property and development: the ASEAN story

On the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), Ambassador Evan P. Garcia of the Philippines traces the bloc’s evolution and the central role that intellectual property continues to play in the region’s development.

Copyright exceptions: an archivist’s perspective

Archives have enduring value to society. They offer a window on the past, and insights that help shape the future. But why do they need to benefit from exceptions to copyright law?

Clean water for all: the quest of a Swiss water entrepreneur

Renaud de Watteville is a Swiss water entrepreneur with a vision: to provide the world’s poorest communities with clean drinking water at an affordable price. Find out how innovation and intellectual property are supporting this goal.

Factoring gender into innovation for better outcomes

Stanford University Professor Londa Schiebinger talks about why sex and gender need to be taken seriously by researchers, engineers and inventors.


Digital pioneer, Jaron Lanier, on the dangers of “free” online culture

April 2016 -Jaron Lanier is a Silicon Valley insider, a virtual reality pioneer and one of the most celebrated technology writers in the world. But he is increasingly concerned about today’s online universe. He explains why and what it will take to turn things around.

Remix Culture and Amateur Creativity: A Copyright Dilemma

June 2015 - Many commentators today are talking about the “age of the remix”, a practice enabled by widespread access to sophisticated computer technology whereby existing works are rearranged, combined or remixed to create a new work. They make it sound as if remixing were a novel phenomenon, but a brief glance at human history reveals that it is in fact nothing new.

Video Games and IP: A Global Perspective

April 2014 - Since the launch of the first mainstream game console by Nintendo in 1985, video games have become a global industry worth an estimated US$65 billion. It is the fastest growing sector of the entertainment industry and an important driver of economic growth.